Tales from a Veg Box People intern

Ellie at the stall

Geography student Ellie spent the summer learning about alternative food systems with us... hands on!

Hello everyone! I’m Ellie, a third year Geography student at the University of Manchester. Thanks to the Uni internship scheme, this summer I've been able to work for Veg Box People; a fresh, local and organic veg box scheme which has been working in partnership with the University of Manchester since summer 2015. 
I’ve been on the Veg Box People stall and collection point behind Uni Place every Tuesday for the past 8 weeks meeting all the lovely customers who work and study at the University. 

I have also found out that since starting the collection point at the Uni, customers here have bought over £40k worth of lovely organic veg! This is over 15 tonnes of organic veg and means that Veg Box People customers between you have eaten a whopping:

  • 150 kg of luscious local salad leaves - grown just 3 miles from the UoM!
  • 2.6 tonnes of spuds - that’s heavier than an adult Giraffe!
  • 350 kg of tomatoes and 450 kg of squash!

All of this has helped to support the livelihoods of 7 local growers as well as 37 growers from further afield (no pun intended!) and employed 2 Veg Box People workers. 

For me, working for Veg Box People has been an amazing experience. I’ve worked alongside inspiring people and I can say for sure that even though I had never heard of Veg Box People until I applied for my internship I am now a huge fan. What’s not to love about getting quality produce and supporting a more sustainable food system! Before this working for Veg Box People I knew very little about how our current food system works, now I understand the importance of growing organically and supporting local farmers. Veg Box People has also inspired me to take a module in Food and Farming next year so I can continue learning about food production and consumption.

So, if you aren’t already a Veg Box Person sign up now to support local farmers and start chomping your way through more delicious veg!  Sign up at https://vegboxpeople.org.uk/ to collect a veg bag from our stall at University Place or the new collection point opening at Source Cafe in Fallowfield.

Huge thanks to Ellie, who has contributed bags and bags of energy and enthusiasm to Veg Box People this summer. It was wonderful having you with us!