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Tue 02 Aug 2022

We have a fantastic selection of courses coming up for aspiring growers, suitable for those with a variety of growing experience already under their belts, whether you consider yourself a beginner or something of an expert. Please make sure to have a read of all the details below to see which of these courses would best suit you (or perhaps someone that you know!)...

Mon 18 Jul 2022

Hear from our FarmStarters about how they're getting on over at Woodbank - they're halfway through their first year already!


As we’re starting to get into long days and warmer weather, things have started getting busier at Woodbank. We’re starting a little earlier in the day and enjoying working in the polytunnels before the heat makes them too toasty and then making the most of our sun hats to work on the rest of the site for the remainder. 

Wed 15 Jun 2022

Last Sunday we took part in the national Open Farm Sunday event where we opened our gates at Woodbank Community Food Hub to show the work that we do in trying to transform the local food system - it was an absolutely fantastic day, and we are so grateful to everyone for coming down and taking part in our activities.

Tue 07 Jun 2022

A note from our sister organisation, Veg Box People, on their recent survey about their veg bags and other exciting things…

Tue 24 May 2022

We are entering one of the worst financial crises of the last few decades, with many people already feeling the squeeze of the cost of living crisis - and things are seeming as if they will only get worse in the coming months. While the cost of living goes up, the national insurance increase may mean that our take-home wage is also decreasing. UK households are facing yet more decisions on whether to heat their homes or eat dinner.

Fri 13 May 2022

We've got a really busy summer programme of exciting events coming up and we need just 2 hours of your help to make them fun and engaging to an even wider community of people. Read on to find out how you can get involved...

Wed 11 May 2022

Hear from our FarmStarters on their first few months at Woodbank!


Mon 11 Apr 2022

Hear from Rachel, our Wellbeing Coordinator for Kindling Trust,at Woodbank Park Community Food Hub on our first and very special Grow, Cook & Eat session of 2022.

Thu 24 Mar 2022

Last Saturday saw us host our first Kindling Late over at Woodbank, and what a success it was!

Our new(ish) Community Programme Coordinator, Naomi, spent the day at Woodbank cooking up a delicious vegan meal for the hardworking volunteers who had spent the day building the pergola over the seating area.

Sat 19 Mar 2022

The Kindling Trust are hiring for two roles: Communications Officer for the Kindling Family, and Building Manager for Bridge 5 Mill.