What is Sustainable Food?

We've had a fantastic response to the short film: What is Sustainable Food? It lays out the various elements we need to consider in building a sustainable food system, not just in Greater Manchester but beyond.

This 10 minute film showcases some of Manchester's leading sustainable food projects including: Abundance Manchester, Glebelands City growers, Unicorn Grocery, Fairfield Materials Management and Wild at Heart.

The film runs through eight principles:

  1. Local & seasonal.
  2. Organic & sustainable farming.
  3. Reduction of waste and packaging.
  4. Reducing foods of animal origin & maximise welfare standards.
  5. Excludes fish species identified as at risk.
  6. Fair-trade-certified products.
  7. Promote health and well being.
  8. Food democracy.

The film was an idea from the fourth FeedingManchester event to highlight the 'principles of sustainable food' which has been developed by over 50 organisations from across Greater Manchester.

We've shown the film at the Envirolution event in late October and again in Newcastle in early November, and on the first day it was placed on-line it was watched by over a hundred people – promoted simply by word-of-mouth.

We are deeply indebted to Abi McLoughlin, who shot and edited this film with a budget of under a £100. Over fifty volunteer hours, over a three week period, has created a real asset for Manchester's sustainable food movement. Over the next few months we will be actively promoting the film and showing it at various events. If you would like a high quality version please get in touch.

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