Our Videos

Duncan from New Food Entrepreneurs interviews our Helen. “It’s more efficient to grow some crops on a field scale, so we need to skill up a new generation of growers to do that. And we need to value them properly so that they can make a livelihood out of it”

Our Woodbank horticulture hub is home to an innovative social prescribing pilot, which we're running in partnership with Stockport GP's Alvanley Family Practice and the Starting Point Community Learning Partnership.

Featuring the farmers, co-op members and volunteers we work with, this film explores our work incubating and supporting projects like FarmStart and Manchester Veg People. Plus find out more about our plans to establish a large farm close to Manchester.

In October 2015 Priestnall School in Stockport became the first Greater Manchester secondary school to incorporate fresh, local organic veg into its menus with a pilot project involving us, Cracking Good Food and Manchester Veg People.

Pete Richie of the fantastic Nourish Scotland talking at our Making Food Fair event about food poverty as a government responsibility and in the context of a wider 'broken' food system.

Our food system is perpetuating poverty for UK farmers as they struggle to make a living, whilst at the opposite end of the food chain, many families are unable to afford healthy food.

This short film introduces the Growing Livelihoods partnership, creating, testing and promoting new opportunities in food growing, especially for those new to farming.

In 19th Century Manchester food prices were high and quality unregulated. A group of Rochdale weavers took matters into their own hands and a Greater M’cr institution was born...the first Co-operative shop.

The Oxford Real Farming Conference was set up in 2010 to bring together practising, mud-on-the-boots farmers with scientists and economists, activists and lawyers, and everyone else with a serious interest in food and agriculture.

The University of Manchester is a member of Manchester Veg People, the innovative co-op of buyers and growers Kindling helped establish, and through the co-op now spends about £40,000 a year on local organic veg.


The Kindling Trust is a not for profit social enterprise with charitable aims (Company number: 6136029).
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