Team member

Stuart Jones

Stu has worked in the organic food and farming sector for over 14 years and is currently a grocer at Unicorn Workers Co-op. He has been a grocer for 12 years and spent 8 years in organic horticulture, getting his hands dirty and growing delicious veg! He also spent 2 years developing and working on an organic mixed farm as part of Unicorn Grocery, Moss Brook Growers and Marton Villa Farm respectively.

Stu has a HNC in Organic Horticulture from the Welsh College of Horticulture. He has lots of experience with producing, growing and selling organic veg that he will be putting to good use as Kindling Farm Director and helping with Kindling's future farm plans.


Stu has an interest in diversifying cropping and enhancing microclimate's when growing and is passionate about the benefits of agroforestry systems, particularly the positive impact it has on wildlife. 

Stu has experience in all aspects of marketing of produce from quality requirements to pricing, as well as a good understanding of Organic certification standards for producers and processors. He brings his knowledge of crop planning, fertility and soil management to Kindling's plans for an organic agroforestry farm.