Team member

Helen Dodd

FarmStart Co-ordinator

As our FarmStart Coordinator, Helen works with aspiring organic growers at Woodbank’s FarmStart site, supporting them to develop the many skills needed to become competent and able growers. 

Helen is passionate about food growing and creating environments that inspire and support positive learning experiences. She has over 20 years’ of growing experience, gained through juggling a myriad of roles; from running courses and training, setting up community growing spaces with The Federation of City Farms and Gardens and managing an Eco Centre. 


Helen is in her element working outdoors, experiencing the changing seasons, and is fascinated by the constant transformation of growing spaces, both field and polytunnels. She gets a deep joy from the process of growing and revels in seeing the FarmStart trainees' reactions throughout the year as they see what their efforts and hard work have produced.

Trainees gain hands-on experience at Woodbank through constant seed sowing, bed prep and maintenance, transplanting and harvesting. This helps them improve their speed and dexterity and learn about the processes involved in the production chain from farm to fork.

Helen enjoys the challenges and variety of her role. ‘As well as working with the FarmStarters I get to crop plan and meet with the buyers, buy seeds, plan and organise site development projects, ensure that veg gets grown, harvested and to the buyers on time. I am part of a wonderful team of inspirational and motivated people - it really is my dream job!’