Team member

Alexx Moorhouse-Wilson

Manchester Veg People & Veg Box People co-op worker

An Environmental Conservation graduate, Alexx joined the VBP team after spending most of his working life selling wine and beer to the good people of South Manchester, the place he grew up in and still calls home. After opening and then running an independent wine shop in Chorlton it was time for a change, and a lifetime spent digging on allotments and a passion for good, well-sourced food led him to us. Having followed the progress of the Kindling Trust over the last 10 years, Alexx is excited to be involved with an organisation he believes is making a valuable and positive impact on the city he loves, but also contributing to a much wider cause.



Alexx's days at VBP are full of the varied things that go into running the veg box scheme. He can normally be found driving the big fridge on wheels round the city listening to Radio 4 or singing along to old scratched punk cd’s from his youth. More recently he has also started to produce content for the weekly newsletter.

Alexx obtained a degree in Environmental Conservation from Swansea Met, a course that covered a broad range of subjects including waste management, coastal land use, freshwater ecology, to name a few. Studying was very much punctuated by many happy hours cycling, surfing and walking on Gower Peninsula and the surrounding Welsh landscape. In his final year in Swansea, a keen interest in sustainable transport led him to his dissertation subject, written about the many benefits of walking and cycling as a form of sustainable transport. This interest would later lead him to work in The Bicycle Doctor a workers co-op bike shop in Manchester and later to a summer season spent riding bikes and working in Whistler, Canada. 

Alexx is very much looking forward to being part of the much anticipated launch of the Kindling Farm and of course the ongoing growth of the Veg Box People co-operative.