Team member

Luke Dickens

Veg Box People and Manchester Veg People co-op member

Luke is a multi-tasking member of the Veg Box People co-op, and is responsible for developing new collection points and spreading the word about the scheme “so we increase the amount of people who eat local, organic veg!” He’s an experienced co-operator, having spent three years as part of Manchester’s Coffee Cranks co-op, and has also been a steadfast part of the Kindling family for many years, volunteering on the farms, in the office and all sorts in between.


Luke’s day to day role with Veg Box People involves managing customer accounts and correspondence, packing veg bags, collecting orders and delivering veg boxes in the van, developing new collection points and spreading the word about the scheme. His favourite part of this job is interacting with customers “and seeing their excitement about what we are doing, as well as seeing the veg growing on the local farms and cooking and eating our amazingly fresh produce”.

Luke has an MSC in Sustainability and Adaptation in the Built Environment, from the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales, and contributes fresh thinking, ideas and innovation from the sector into Kindling’s long-term plans for a farm. He’s passionate about helping to scale up Kindling’s projects to increase the demand and supply of local organic food and to make it sustainable and fair for all involved.

Luke’s passion is for sustainable enterprises that empower the community whilst also working with the environment, “to ignite a sustainable revolution for the people of Manchester”. He’s no stranger to co-operatives, having spent three years with Coffee Cranks workers’ co-op; developing it from a start-up to become a sustainable, stable business and fixture of the Manchester co-op scene.   

Luke is a keen amateur grower, volunteering on local allotments, working with Kindling’s Land Army and cycle touring around sustainable WWOOF farming and building projects in Cornwall and France. He’s also completed Kindling’s Commercial Growers Course.