Team member

Helen Woodcock

Co-founder & Co-ordinator

Helen co-founded Kindling in 2007 from a background in grassroots environmental and community activism. She was instrumental in raising £4 million to develop and eco-refit Bridge 5 Mill, a 150 year-old former Silk Mill that Kindling now calls home. 

For Helen, Kindling is another crucial way to tackle “the unjust and damaging nature of the current system”. Something she did in spades whilst accompanying human rights defenders during her year with the Peace Brigades International; for which she was jointly awarded the International Service Human Rights Award for Women.

In preparation for Kindling's planned farm, Helen’s building on her MSc in Organic Farming by developing her practical growing experience at our Woodbank growing site.


Helen’s role at Kindling incorporates “a bit of everything really”! From helping organise Land Army trips to advising other organisations how to replicate Kindling’s projects; and overseeing Kindling’s finances to planning events and most importantly, working on setting up the future Kindling farm”.

In preparation for the latter, Helen’s building on her MSc in Organic Farming by developing her practical growing experience. Having had a big hand in developing Manchester Veg People and Veg Box People, Helen also continues to serve as a member of both co-ops.

Helen’s passion for Kindling stems from frustration at the unjust nature of our current society, and the knowledge that it's our responsibility to make it more equitable and ecologically sustainable. She loves talking with people about Kindling’s vision and hearing their enthusiasm, ideas and belief that it is possible. Her biggest challenge is “not having enough hours in the day or days in the week to do everything we want to do”.

When not working for Kindling (which is not very often) Helen enjoys walks in the Peaks or Scottish wilds and spends time with her amazing family and friends in Bristol, London, Scotland and Spain.