Team member

Luke Williams

Communications Officer

With a longstanding interest in the environment, Luke decided to combine his personal and professional interests by joining us as our Communications Officer. Passionate about playing his part to help in the face of the climate emergency, Luke aims to spread the word when it comes to the wonderful work being done by all the staff and volunteers that make up The Kindling Trust.

Luke’s professional background is largely in marketing and communications; having made a conscious, concerted effort to step away from the private sector back in 2018 - despite not having another job lined up at the time! - he followed up this experience by volunteering with a small youth charity in the North West. Several months later, he began working for a social care provider in Stockport before taking on a role with a charity offering a social action programme to young people in secondary schools.


Luke ascribes his interest in the environment to his strong interest in politics and current affairs, which he in turn puts down to the particularly volatile political climate of the past several years. From developing a keener eye for what was happening in the world more widely, Luke started to believe that the number one priority for those in power should be taking care of our planet. As such, after working within the charity and non-profit sector, Luke found himself drawn towards The Kindling Trust where he felt he could take on a truly fulfilling role that combines his personal beliefs with his professional life