Team member

Ethan Hall

Community Engagement Worker

Ethan’s job is to get the community excited about apples. Apple trees are a big part of the
new agroforestry farm project.

He has a Master’s degree in International Development, which included doing field work in Uganda where he
studied how climate change impacts subsistence farming around national parks. From this research Ethan developed a desire to engage the people of Manchester with the issues of climate change, and has run events for a few organisations in Manchester to get people to understand the impacts of climate change and how they can mitigate them.
Ethan has also worked as a cook and regularly volunteers for various charities across Manchester, cooking for those who need support.


Having grown up in a family that would ask, ‘What should we do today?’ but would mean, ‘What
should we cook today?’ Ethan has developed a tasty obsession with every aspect of food. Having volunteered at Woodbank he found a new passion in growing food, something he is excited to share with the community.