Team member

Dan Hasler

Volunteer Coordinator

Dan’s background was in graphic design and studio management in the charity sector, then one day he decided to be ‘that crazy guy in the pub’ and say “Hey, I live in Moss Side, if we grow apples locally we could make Moss Cider, get it? Moss...Cider”.
Thus, The Moss Cider Project was born and ran from 2010 to 2018. That entry through the back door (of a cidery) into the environment sector led to Dan working for The Orchard Project, the only UK charity dedicated to the planting and restoring of community orchards. From starting with them in 2015 he’s now got a wealth of experience across Greater Manchester working with orchard groups, private gardens and urban spaces.


Dan's personal passion is grafting and he has led numerous grafting courses and projects over the years - even teaching Andy Crane, of BBC broom-cupboard fame, how to graft ‘live’ on BBC Radio Manchester. The good news is that tree ‘took’.
He’s now splitting his time between Kindling and The Orchard Project, he’s apple obsessed with three kids all with apple related middle names of Aval, Pippin and Alma and a wife, Lucy, who thinks all he does is prance around in orchards for a living. Where a Wassail is concerned that’s sometimes that’s the case.