Team member

Tom Butterworth

Woodbank Community Food Hub Coordinator

After 3 years as a self-employed edible/wildlife-friendly gardener and project leader, Tom has joined our team at the Woodbank Community Food Hub as a coordinator. He is responsible for working with our volunteers to maintain and improve the site, as well as planning events, workshops and courses. Tom is working to turn the site into a self-sufficient example of sustainable growing, a source of educational opportunities (as well as organic food) for the local area, and a hub of activity for the whole community.


Tom is deeply concerned about poverty, inequality, climate change and ecosystem collapse, and believes in the potential of local, sustainable food growing as a key part of the solution to all of these problems. After leaving university, where he studied Social and Political Sciences, he sought out work that can benefit people and the environment; volunteering, working at charities and as a teacher. He is excited to put his skills, knowledge and passion to use at Woodbank, so that he can do his bit towards creating a sustainable, healthy society.