Team member

Corrina Low

Social Prescribing Co-ordinator

Having previously looked after Kindling’s Land Army and developed her skills as a grower over three years on our FarmStart programme, Corrina is now responsible for coordinating our Health and Wellbeing work at Woodbank.

The Grow, Cook & Eat programme which Corrina has been developing over the last three years, looks at how growing, cooking and eating food with others can be a catalyst for improved mental and physical wellbeing. The combination of food growing and wellbeing is one which suits Corrina’s skills, knowledge and experience to a tee. Outside of her work with Kindling, Corrina spent several years working in therapeutic horticulture and recently completed three years of training to qualify as a Counsellor.


I feel fortunate to be working in an area which combines my biggest passions - the environment, nature, people and mental health. Food plays a pivotal role in the wellbeing of communities and our planet, and it’s exciting to be delivering a project that reflects this.”

One of the most challenging things about developing this project has been trying to understand the changing landscape of health and social care services, and to find our place within it. Our wellbeing work is part of a trend towards Social Prescribing, which has gained momentum over the last few years and is now a key part of the NHS Five Year Plan. It’s an exciting time where partnerships are being strengthened between the NHS and the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector, but it hasn’t always been easy to understand how to do this effectively.”

"One of the things I love most about this work is having and listening to conversations, about how people maintain their wellbeing and what food and nature mean to them. Everyone has something to say about these things and we all learn from each other. I also love seeing people grow in confidence over the time they spend at Woodbank, not just in terms of the cooking and growing activities, but socially too."