Sustainable Fayre

Mon, 03/15/2010
Manchester Fayre's My School Lunch Website.

Kindling has secured financial support to explore opportunities to increase 'low-carbon' food in Manchester via school meals, complimenting the city's Climate Change Action Plan, Manchester; A Certain Future. The partnership between The Kindling Trust, Manchester Joint Health Unit’s Food Futures & Manchester Fayre (Manchester City Council’s in-house caterers) has secured Carbon Innovation Funding to look at the viability and possible methods for supplying fairly-priced local and organic produce to Manchester’s public sector.

As food production and distribution is key to addressing the worst impacts of climate change and other environmental issues, and Manchester having one of the poorest levels of local food access (Ricketts-Hein, 2006), there is significant opportunity to greatly increase sustainable food whilst providing local employment and community benefit.”

Over the next six months Kindling will be looking at the needs and operation of Manchester Fayre and the capacity for local producers and farmers to provide sustainable food. This research will be used to both develop a pilot project with an identified school and to influence future City Council food procurement to help meet the target of 41% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2020, from 2005 levels.

Kindling believes Sustainable Fayre could set the foundations for a low-carbon and sustainable food system built around a strengthened relationship between local organic growers and significant food purchasers like Manchester City Council.

This project is funded by Manchester City Council's Carbon Innovation Fund, Food Futures in partnership with Manchester Fayre.

The Kindling Trust is a not for profit social enterprise with charitable aims (Company number: 6136029).
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