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Thanks for checking us out! So, why support Kindling?

“I commend the Kindling Trust for their ability to work at both strategic and practical level. They deliver (sometimes quite literally) in spades. I have found them to be keen analysers of a situation that needs to be fixed; committed and principled project officers and leaders; brilliant networkers, facilitating agreement across the wide range of sectors that need to be involved to create a healthy and sustainable food system; and reliable and pragmatic managers of trading activities and money”.

Kath Dalmeny, Chief Executive at Sustain: The Alliance for Better Food and Farming.

If you’re passionate about sustainable food and you want to be part of a movement for a more equitable food system, join us in revolutionising the food system in Manchester and beyond!

“I support The Kindling Trust because there are not enough passionate people in the world committed to sustainability - when you find them it's crucial to support them!”
Angela Fawcett, Friend of Kindling

Why do we need friends?

Our Friends support us in our work to build a model for an alternative food economy that values people and planet. As well as supporting our current initiatives, they are helping us reach our long-term goal of establishing an organic farm and training centre for the next generation of organic growers, as well as a rural Centre for Social Change.

Support our work with a monthly donation, and you’ll help us to:

  • Establish a new generation of organic growers in the North West
  • Increase the resilience of existing organic farms
  • Enable more Mancunians to access affordable organic food
  • Reduce the carbon impact of Greater Manchester’s food system
  • Improve the connection between Greater Mancunians and their food
  • Demonstrate the potential for a more equitable and sustainable food system

You’ll also get:

  • 20% discount on our Commercial Growers Course
  • 10% discount on our event and conference tickets
  • Invitations to our Summer Social and Christmas party

You’ll also be the first to hear exciting Kindling news, and we expect plenty of that as our farm plans heat up!

To become a Friend of Kindling costs £5 a month, or simply make a one-off donation.

  • You can contribute online by Paypal using the form below.
  • Or if you would like to pay by cheque, or standing order click here.

What ever method you choose – thank you!

“Friends of Kindling can add a spark to enthuse the vision for a sustainable future achieved through practical and progressive projects."
Mike Franks, Friend of Kindling

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