Starting With One Street

Tue, 03/09/2010
Carbon Co-op Workshop Materials.

Kindling has been working with South Manchester Carbon Co-op in preparation to pilot this unique initiative on two streets in Rusholme, South Manchester. Our role has been to develop the carbon co-op manual - giving top energy-saving tips; money-saving offers on things like insulation, car sharing schemes, energy saving appliances; and examples of the amazing things that other communities have done to reduce their carbon emissions and energy bills.

Kindling is also helping to organise a community event on the 27th of March 2010 which will launch the idea of setting up a local carbon co-op, made up of residents of the two streets. The day will be full of information, ideas, yummy low-carbon food and children's eco-activities. The aim of this project is to support and encourage residents to work together as a community to save energy and reduce carbon emissions – starting with one street, then hopefully rolling out across Manchester!

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