Quality Assurance

The Kindling Trust takes the quality of its work very seriously, choosing to carry out a small number of tasks and projects well and so has adopted the PQASSO quality assurance system.

There are many quallity assurance sytems available but PQASSO is specifically focused on the third sector and was adopted by Kindling for the following reasons:

  • It offers a tick-list of policies and procedures which ensure no crucial aspects are forgotten.
  • It instils a culture of continual learning and improvement.
  • PQASSO offers a structured way of looking at the organisations internal workings.
  • And it gives confidence to members, supporters and funders that best practice is being meet (in terms of stakeholder engagement, effectiveness & financial efficiency).

PQASSO provides a flexible, step-by-step approach to working out what Kindling is doing well and what could be improved. By using the self-assessment work pack, the system has helped us to set priorities and improve our performance.

The accompanying work pack is a self-assessment tool, which helps Kindling to:

  • focus on what the organisation is doing.
  • bring people together to identify areas for improvement.
  • facilitate discussion to ensure all stakeholders are aware of policies, procedures and plans.
  • motivate people to make visible progress.
  • use a clear language for negotiating with funders.

Because of the nature and scale of our ambitions Kindling has initially focused on PQASSO's Monitoring & Evaluation section and then moved on to complete other sections.

The Kindling Trust is a not for profit social enterprise with charitable aims (Company number: 6136029).
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