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Help Kindling to find its farm to buy


Following a hugely successful campaign attracting over £1 million of investment, a pioneering food and farming organisation is calling on the farming community to use their wealth of knowledge and experience to help find a farm to buy, to support the next generation of farmers. 

In Spring 2021, Kindling Farm launched a campaign to buy a farm that had been offered to them the previous year. In the middle of the campaign, however, the situation changed and the farmer was no longer in a position to sell. To the team’s surprise, this didn’t put the investors off; on the contrary support came flooding in and by the end of the campaign Kindling Farm had over-reached its target by 65%! 

With additional commitment from supportive financial institutions, Kindling is ready to realise its vision: to purchase a 100-200 acre farm close to Greater Manchester; to supply ready markets in the region; and to grow and support a new generation of farmers in low carbon, wildlife friendly farming. All that’s missing is a farm. 


We’re looking to buy a farm in the Northwest that is suitable for veg production and that we can purchase for its market value. We are ready to buy financially, but we can also take time, if needed, to make sure it works for the present owner. Chris Walsh


Kindling’s hope is to find a farm to purchase in 2022 and to get growing for their customers who are ready and waiting. But after more than a decade of supporting both new and experienced farmers, Kindling are keenly aware of how hard it can be not only to get into farming but to retire from it too. They would happily work with a farmer to learn from their wealth of experience on their land and to try and make that process of selling their farm as positive as possible.


We are looking for a farmer who wants to sell, but not break up their farm; who wants to know that their land is going to continue to produce food and to contribute to the local economy. Someone who wants to support a new generation of farmers, both to farm well and be good stewards of their land for the long-term. If you are that person, please do get in touch for a chat. Or if you know someone who might be interested in our plans, do let them know about us. Helen Woodcock.


Building on 14 years experience of establishing and running practical food and farming initiatives, Kindling Farm is the next stage of a long-term plan to create a fairer and more sustainable food system for all. The success of the community shares campaign is a sign that the time is right for this desperately needed shift in attitude - with over 600 people investing a total of £1 million in a food and farming model that puts the farmer, the community and the land at its heart, perhaps there is hope ahead. They just need to find a farm where they can make it happen.

Helen can be contacted on 07872 573 661 or email us at:


Our Dream Farm.

We have looked at a lot of farms over the last six months, each with its opportunities and challenges and to aid our search we have a the following criteria:

We are seeking to buy a 100-200 acre farm, with a farmhouse and agricultural buildings. We are looking for productive land, ideally with a flat aspect good for vegetable and arable production, as well as the opportunity to plant significant numbers of fruit trees. 

Price/our financial position 

We are in a strong financial position, having secured over £1 million in member investment via community shares, and due to a good relationship with our bank and advanced discussions regarding a loan. This puts us in a position where we are ready to buy, when a suitable farm is identified. The price we are willing and able to pay will of course depend on a number of variables, including the state of repair of the farm and the costs of any infrastructure etc. work needed. It will also be informed by our 25 year business plan. 


Location     A farm located within 50 miles of Greater Manchester, ideally closer.

Size            Land approximately 100 to  200 acres (40 to 80 hectares).

Terrain      Flat or moderately sloping, anything above 100m altitude would need careful consideration. 

Soil      All grades and types suitable for a range of fruit and vegetable production. Ideally this would include some grade 1 and 2 but a mix of soils (grade 1 to 3a agricultural land) would be acceptable for us to demonstrate how to build soil health on different soils. 

Access    Access should be directly from the public highway and not over other people’s land. Access would safely allow the public to visit the farm at all times and most days. 

Machinery access to all land required.


Other Issues 

We will need to secure planning permission for a range of buildings and facilities. 

Sporting and mineral rights included. 

We need to be in an area where consent for a bore hole would be granted. 

We are looking for vacant possession. 

Experience and Track record: 

Kindling have a strong track record in establishing and running practical food and farming initiatives over the last 14 years and in developing capital and social projects for over 20 years. For more information visit their website where you can also find the Kindling Farm business plan and information about the experience and track record of those involved. 


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