Operation: Garlic.

Fri, 10/28/2011
Planting Garlic

The Land Army was in Glazebury on 28th October planting garlic for the Moss Brook Growers.

Conditions were perfect, the soil had dried out enough to make planting easy and it was a beautiful sunny day.

Of the 7,500 cloves they plan to plant this season we planted over 5000 with 6 volunteers.

Rob the grower talked us through their 7 year crop rotation - which includes a green manure stage utilising chicory and clover – before introducing us to garlic bulb separation and planting. Two volunteers got to harvest leeks for selling at the Unicorn this weekend and then we all had lunch together in the sun using the Land Army’s new tables, benches and catering equipment.

We will back with the Moss Brook Growers this winter helping to plant hedges of hawthorn, blackthorn, dog rose, field maple and hazel.

If you would like to join us please get in touch.

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