David Joseph


David’s role involves co-ordinating the collection and distribution of fresh fruit and vegetables from our suppliers to our customers in Manchester, and finding new members and outlets for the co-op’s organic produce.


David left a role in sales and training at the UK’s biggest translation and interpretation services business to join Manchester Veg People. His change in direction was principally inspired by “the climatic shift taking place on our beautiful blue pearl, the greatest challenge our species has ever faced”, the consequences of which he feels are largely undiscussed. “People don’t want to engage with the real consequences of what it means to live as we do because it is genuinely frightening. It frightened me into changing my career and choosing to enter the food sector. The production and localised distribution of organically grown food allows me to make it possible for other people to have a meaningful impact on the huge percentage of dangerous emissions and chemicals that go with the unsustainable globalised food system”.

David is not conventionally a religious man. Food, he feels however, is clearly sacred and deeply powerful. “The people who work in the organic food sector as growers, buyers, and patrons are connected in their own particular way to this profundity. They carry a spark. So, you get to meet and work with some truly lovely and well-grounded people if you’ll pardon the pun.”

The greatest challenge for David is the relentlessness and unpredictability of the food business.  Managing to keep a stable operation going amidst all the variability of people, the weather, food fashions, the wider economy, etc. is tricky. “It is a uniquely maddening business to be in”.

David’s favourite food is subject to change, at the moment it is purple sprouting broccoli. A few oven-roasted spears, a healthy dollop of skordalia, a twist of sea salt, and a glass of wine just about stops time. Away from Kindling, David’s passions include economics, politics, cycling, reading, cooking, and raising his children. 

The Kindling Trust is a not for profit social enterprise with charitable aims (Company number: 6136029).
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