Last Words of Wisdom

Putting the world right with beer

I'm now back in the UK and so this is going to be my last blog post on my Australian adventure.

Ive met some very wise people on my travels and had many drunken conversations.  We have talked a lot about food and climate change and power structures and ultimately how our democracy is failing the majority of us.

In fact I was in Australia for 29 days and Ive been in a pub 23 of those nights and not a Fosters in sight! To sum up – the three significant snippets of wisdom Im returning with are:

A. We all have a finite pool of worry.
Put simply a “finite pool of worry,” means we’re unable to maintain our fear of climate change when a different problem — a plunging stock market, a personal emergency — comes along. We simply move one fear into the worry bin and one fear out. For more on this read:

B. Our politicians have failed us.
We either have to reclaim politics from corporations by becoming political or just do it ourselves. Ideally both. Because again and again our political representatives have proven that they don't represent us and bureaucrats don't work for us. And there is nothing more hopeful than grassroots action to show what is possible and what needs to be done.

C. Don't panic.
A very wise man from Tentham advised me: just carry on – its the most important thing we can do. The urgency is more crucial than ever – the world is going to hell in a hand cart, but we need to keep our heads. The worst thing we can do is panic. We can't start blaming our friends and allies for the lack of progress. We need to be more united than ever.

So I'm going to make sure these three nuggets of wisdom inform my work in 2014.

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