One of the very first sessions at the Agri-Food Conference someone* was giving a presentation and said that they had been comparing the size of the 'alternative' food sector with the global food industry that dominates our discussions and is providing a bad deal to both farmers and consumers.

I was sat next to a colleague and we both looked at each other. Neither of us wanted to see the next slide. We knew what was coming a huge black circle representing the global food industry and an infinitesimal small, almost un-see-able green dot of our puny efforts.

In fact the slide gave us hope.

Not only could you see the organic and fair trade sectors, but we were also reminded that the global industrialised food system does not yet dominate. We can turn this around and we need to fight on two fronts: Help defend & support farmers in the Global South and build a better farming system in the Global North.

*It is terrible I can't remember the presenters name & I’ve not had chance to look them up. I will when I find sometime and reference and accredit them appropriately. They must be thanked for giving me a little more hope.

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