Water Water Everywhere.

Water water every where and not a drop to drink.
This old saying sums up a stunning reality I was introduced to the other day in Dookie. All these rural communities are surrounded by an abundance of fresh local food - both in a diversity and quantity that a Brit can't get his head around. 
Yet, rural communities suffer from the same limited food choices as those living in Melbourne. Each is dependant on farmers markets to get food direct from a farmer. Again and again I hear that local food grown down the road is going into Melbourne first, before it is sold in a local shop. The poor local shop keeper or restauranteur having to make a hundred plus kilometre journey to and from a Melbourne-based wholesaler.
In fact it seems the more focused the area is on intensive agriculture and exportation the harder it is to get hold of local food.   
Like most cities the distribution systems have become less about simple efficiency and more about serving an all dominate economic model.
Scale, centralisation and specialisation are the order of the day with it becoming a form of dogma that serves big business well and penalises the decentralised, diverse and small-scale.
Food Hubs are the antidote, the question is: 
Is the government - local, federal or state going to start the vacination program, before family and scale-scale farmers die out?

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