Catch Up

I’ve not been very good at updating my blog. So, thought I'd give you a whistle stop tour of the places and projects I have visited in the last few days.

I left Melbourne on 24th to speak briefly at the launch of a gorgeous new food hub in Castlemaine called the Food Garden. The next day I visited the Community Garden at the Hub and Growing Abundance's school canteen enterprise. That evening I spoke to 60 people in the local theatre on our collective work in Manchester.

The following day I had an in-depth meeting with Growing Abundance again, talking about how Kindling operates and the importance of partnerships.

I was then driven ~100k to Stanhope to the National Food Institute and meet with the enterprising GV Food Coop. We had a quick interview with ABC Radio and we then had a meal with 50 people where I spoke about Manchester Veg People.

I’m going to do a separate blog post about GV Food Coop  – because they have something very special to offer us in the UK – a trading approach that adds value to surplus fruit and veg.

The next day we visited a school gardening project in Stanhope and then headed to Dookie, a small town with an amazing focus on food. Their school has a whole school approach to food – supported by Stephanie Alexander and are planning a large arts event to celebrate their farming traditions.

That evening I was lucky enough to stay on a cereal and sheep farm, where I did another ABC Radio interview and caught up on my emails.

On Friday (28th Nov) our destination was Bendigo and last night I spoke to 60 people in the amazing venue of The Old Church on the Hill. organised by Outside the Square.

Today I’m off to Trentham for tomorrow night's Ignition event. After that I’m off back to Melbourne for the AgriFood Conference.

The Kindling Trust is a not for profit social enterprise with charitable aims (Company number: 6136029).
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