Touch Down in Melbourne.

My new home in Melbourne.

So I touched down in Melbourne 24 hours ago and the jet lag is now behind me. The team here have done an amazing job with organising the numerous events and talks I'll be attending, but also a huge amount of effort has gone into arranging my accomodation, travel and little things like getting me a mobile phone and maps.

I cant thank Sophia enough, with out whom I would be lost!

My welcome to Melbourne was rigid bio-security procedures with my British Airways pastry refused entry to the country and a rigerous questionaire to ensure no one brings food or wood items into the country, that shoes are not soiled with foreign mud or bugs. They even ask if you've been on a farm in the last month – which thankfully I haven't.

Its great to see the country takes its bio-security seriously – and I can understand why. Im sat in my lovely new garden in front of my yurt in the middle of Melbourne surrounded by house sparrows, collarded doves and black birds – all of which I can only assume some home sick Pom brought here from the UK.

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