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As part of my Australian tour I will be joining the Trentham Food Hub on Saturday 30th November at the RedBeard Historic Bakery.

Trentham Food Hub has a  vision to create a vibrant network of informed, passionate and creative people working together within the community to expand the capacity of our local food and fibre industry.

I'll be talking about the UK Social Enterprise sector and my experiences with local food and waste projects around Manchester.

The event is an interactive discussion, particularly around multi-stakeholder co-ops, investment and funding models you've worked with and generally getting people fired up about creating new fair food systems. The audience will be diverse, including producers from different backgrounds, members of local community groups and local government, and other local food advocates.
Other informal speakers:
  • Tammi Jonas - Local ethical pig farmer and lecturer who has just launched an on-farm butchery that is 100% crowdfunded (the first in Australia)
  • Ben Falloon (if available) - Regenerative Farmer and manage/founderr of the Australian Polyface Project in partnership with Polyface Farm.
  • Taryn Lane - Community Officer at Hepburn Wind, a local renewable energy co-operative.
  • Simone Gordon (if available) - Co-ordinator of Daylesford Macedon Produce, local marketing and promotional organisation for producers across Central Victoria
  • John Reid - Baker, part-owner of RedBeard Historic Bakery and passionate local food systems advocate.
  • Rick Nolan (if available) - Director of the Trentham Community Bank, a locally-owned enterprise in partnership with Bendigo Bank

"This is just the type of event I love and the type of approach we take at Kindling. There is so much passion for good food its how we build on and build in-between all the amazing things going on to create the scale and momentum needed. We can plan and theorise as much as we like - and that is crucial, but we often come unstuck with the 'messiness' of relationships. I will therefore be talking about our experience of managing expectations, building loyalty and trust and good communication as they are as important as the growing and the selling."


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