Australian Food Trip

food hub

Kindling's Chris Walsh will be spending a month in Australia from mid-November to mid-December working with  Victoria Eco Innovation Lab, South East Food Hub and the Australian Food Hubs Network to exchange ideas and expertise on developing sustainable food systems.

There are many really innovative projects and enterprises addressing the challenges local and sustainable food enterprises face in Australia and via Skype we are been discussing the approaches we have been taking here in Manchester over the last month.

Chris' visit, funded by the British Council and VEIL, will be a combination of practically helping out in Casey with their plans to develop a food hub and a fledgling delivery service and a speakers tour of Byron, Brisbane and Sydney.

Chris will be sharing Kindling's experience of working closely with Manchester Veg People and will be sharing Manchester's approach with organisations like Sydney Business Council of Cooperatives and Mutuals, Food Connect Brisbane and delegates at the Australasian Agri-Food Research Network XX 2013.

Chris will be regularly blogging about his trip and sharing as much info as possible on the Kindling Website.

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