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We’re at a really exciting time in our journey at Woodbank, as we look to expand our site to be even more productive, as well as offering more fantastic events and volunteering opportunities to you, our community. We are lucky enough to be in a position to be able to offer some new roles based at Woodbank, and are looking for some enthusiastic and talented people to fill them.

One of the key roles to help expand Woodbank will be our Community Programme Coordinator. This role will involve developing the Food Hub’s programme of community engagement, acting as the ‘front of house’ for the project, and working with existing members of the Kindling team to reach wider audiences and get even more people involved. You will need to be organised, friendly and welcoming, and with experience of and a passion for organising events and working with volunteers. You will also be needed to work weekends and sometimes evenings, and be flexible to work on a seasonal basis.

A core part of what we do at Woodbank is focusing on wellbeing for our local community. Our new Wellbeing Coordinator will run our wellbeing programme and activities on the site. They will also be developing and piloting some new sessions, focused on specific areas of health and wellbeing and on supporting participants to develop useful skills to use in their everyday lives. We are looking for a welcoming, friendly, and engaging person to fill this role, and someone who is able to work some weekends and evenings, and be flexible to work on a seasonal basis.

These roles will ideally start in the Autumn, with deadlines for applications on the 16th September. For more specific information about each role, please see the documents below, as well as our application form.

We’re also on the hunt for an experienced and organised Lead Grower for the site. The role will entail leading the growing team and groups of volunteers to transform Woodbank into a flagship urban agriculture site, crop planning and site design, and all aspects of the growing on site (sowing, weeding, ground preparation, etc). This role will start at the beginning of the next growing season in early Spring 2022. If you’re interested, want to find out more, or know someone who might fit the role, please contact us at mail@kindling.org.uk.

Lastly, but very much not least, we’re looking for an enthusiastic and hard-working person to fill the role of Maintenance Coordinator at Woodbank. This person will be responsible for maintaining the site, preparing it for various large events, helping the volunteers on the volunteer days with working on site, and being the first point of contact for deliveries and repairs. We are looking to recruit someone local to the site who knows the area well and can be close at hand if needed. Again, please email us at mail@kindling.org.uk to find out more about this role.

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