Tales from the Polytunnels: Dan

Dan harvesting Kale
Here is a little update on the year so far...
So I think the biggest thing I’ve learned from this year so far is to be as prepared as possible before the growing season starts and have everything you might need in place and ready to go. It’s amazing how quickly you can find yourself on the back foot and feeling like there is way too much to do!!
It is really only through circumstance - my dad passing away at the start of the year, Helen's (FarmStart Co-ordinator) broken wrist and then the insane hot weather - that we were caught out but there was a period early summer where I felt like we were never going to everything we planned in the beds and growing. Thankfully they now are and we are reaping the benefits :)
Find out more about the FarmStart programme here, or attend our Q & A session "Do you want to be a farmer?" on 10th September @ Woodbank FarmStart to find out more!