Rahel's Intern Insights at Kindling HQ

Rahel wearing the Kindling Trust T-shirt and, her with the team

“The work couldn’t get boring with such a lovely team and with all the different tasks I had a go at.”

From administrative work, which included working on the Feeding Greater Manchester website, to working outside packing veg bags, being at the stall and helping at the growing site, Rahel was kept on her toes throughout her four month internship with us.

“I'm Rahel, studying ‘Multilingual Communication’ in Cologne/Germany. I got the opportunity to work with the Kindling Trust for the last four months as part of my studies to do an internship abroad. I’m really happy that I could combine my course with my interests and values.

Interning with the Kindling Trust was a wonderful experience and I learnt a lot. I learned how to prune apple trees and simply how to laminate paper. I’ve gained an insight into an organisation that has achieved so much already and with the vision of a community farm that will tackle the problems of the current food system.”

Rahel also spent time researching to help develop the vision for the forementioned farm.

“It was also good for me, of course, to get to know about working life in the UK and improving my written and spoken English - that happened automatically.”

Travelling around the UK was an important part of Rahels experience and she pursued lots of exciting adventures including joining a choir.

“My favourite experience when travelling around the UK was the pub culture and the beautiful mountains of the Peak District.

I'm really grateful for my time here, and cannot thank Chris, Helen and the rest of the team enough for my time with the Kindling Trust.”

If you’re interested in interning with us, get in touch. Find out more here.