Our Community Shares Campaign is now LIVE!

Community Shares Campaign has launched!

The day has finally come: we’ve launched our community shares campaign! From now until the 3rd July you can become a community investor in Kindling Farm. All you need to do to invest is head to ethex.org.uk/invest/kindling-farm. You can also find our business plan and share offer document on our website, plus head over to our events page to register for our Community Investor Surgery Sessions and our Live Glossary events, where you can find out more about the Farm.

We are aiming to raise between £390,000 and £650,000 through this community shares campaign, and you can invest anything from £200 with up to a projected 3% return. Anyone can become a community investor, but please make sure you understand the risks of investing by reading our share offer document.

We’ve got a really exciting few months ahead of us, and we’re confident that we’ll reach our goals, but we know that without you, our amazing supporters, we won’t get there. You can help in so many ways, by telling your friends and family about the campaign, handing out leaflets in your neighbourhood, writing to your councillor to support us, or sharing our content on social media. Everything helps, and the more people hear about us, the more support we’ll get. If you want to volunteer to help us, or if you would like to receive some posters and leaflets, email us at mail@kindling.org.uk.

For now, keep an eye out for exciting new developments with the campaign right here on our website, and on all our social media platforms. All that’s left to say now is a massive THANK YOU for all the ways you’ve already supported us - let’s keep it up!

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