A note from Veg Box People

Spike with beetroots

A note from our sister organisation, Veg Box People, on their recent survey about their veg bags and other exciting things…

Thank you so much to all of you who completed our recent survey. We have loved reading your responses, especially suggestions for what we should call the new veg bag - the Biggie Bag was a personal favourite of ours! It was great to hear that 64% of you don’t feel that our price increase will affect your membership with us. It is also lovely that 95% of you enjoy your veg bags and experience so much that you have recommended us to other potential veg box customers – we really appreciate it! We value your input into thinking about how we can increase and diversify what we offer our customers. We will be trying to work out where we can offer more swap boxes and sell local produce of eggs and (hopefully) bread in the coming months – so keep an eye out for that!

We were really heartened that 93% of you support us and the work we do because of our commitment to working with small scale local growers. The reason we exist is to help small-scale growers and give customers access to fresh, local and seasonal produce so it is great that so many of you share our values!

We talked to other Better Food Traders and they reported the same concerns - loss of customers due to cost of living crisis, cost of bags going up, post covid effect (e.g customers returning to work, Brexit etc) so we are not alone.

We also want to shout out to two new members to our team - a big warm welcome to Solvi and Spike. Spike will be packing the veg bags, driving our delivery van, and doing our Coffee Cranks stall. Solvi will be helping out with the packs and ordering, and doing all things admin.

And as we welcome new members in, it’s also time for us to say goodbye to one of our long-lasting members, Vicky. Customers may remember Vicky who used to be on the Uni Place stall before covid, and would often be at the end of emails. We wish her good luck in her future endeavours!

So what’s next for us at VBP? Well, first off we’ll be launching the new veg bag - whether it’s called the Family Bag, the XL bag, or the Biggie Bag, we don’t yet know, but it’ll be delicious and ready for you to feast upon! We’re also opening up two new collection points in Stockport - so look out for those in the coming weeks, and tell your friends about us!

As for our wholesale arm, things are really taking off there too: we’re now delivering to Manchester Business School, the Whitworth Art Gallery, and the five catered halls at the University of Manchester. Good veg all round!

If you are interested in signing up for a weekly veg bag from us, then head over to our website vegboxpeople.org.uk.

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