New website to help us grow

New website screen grab

We are very proud of our new website, it has been a real labour of love over the last twelve months. We started with a blank piece of paper and began by asking how our very practical work could be enhanced and supported by a new website.

The result is a gorgeous looking website, with some very useful functions.

Book onto one of our community programme events.

For example, you can book onto our Spring Apple Grafting Course, by heading to the event booking page. You are able to pay in advance via PayPal, credit card or on the day and select the amount you are able to pay depending upon your financial circumstances. You can also tell us about any dietary requirements for lunch and complete our health and safety online questionnaire.

Apply to join our 2021 FarmStart Programme

If you want to join our FarmStart programme or attend our commercial growers courses you can apply by completing our online application form available online here. The form asks you to tell us about yourself and answer questions about you future growing plans.

Join us for a day of volunteering at Woodbank Community Food Hub

You can register as a volunteer, let us know your availability and what skills and experience you can offer, with our online form. Once you sign up to a specific volunteer day, we ask you to complete a form online providing next of kin information and a health and safety questionnaire.

Encourage your colleagues to join us for a Team Challenge Day

If you’ve been along to a volunteers day with us and think it would be great to bring a group of your co-workers, you can download and print a brochure here. Take this to the canteen and persuade your colleagues to organise a team challenge day as part of your employee’s CSR.

See if there is a convenient place and time to collect a veg box.

The website also hosts a calendar and map of all our activities. This makes it easy to collect a veg box from us and discover local cafes and restaurants who are serving our veg.

Join us to buy a farm.

And finally, we are preparing the website for our Community Shares Campaign, which we are launching on Saturday 3rd April 2021. On Launch Day we will be revealing all the information you need to decide whether you are going to join us. There will be our Community Share Offer document detailing our terms and conditions, our business plan for the farm and for generating income, as well as promotional materials for our new campaign.

We hope there is something for everyone on our new website. As always we welcome feedback and suggestions from our friends and supporters as we are sure there is still the odd typo in there somewhere!

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