Land Army Volunteer Spotlight

Carol and Nick hard at work on the snowy Land Army volunteer day

"I heard about the Kindling Trust when Helen came to do a talk at Ordsall Hall, where I was undertaking a RHS horticultural qualification. I felt really inspired by Helen's passion for sustainable food and thought both the Land Army and Farmstart sounded like quite unique opportunities to get involved in learning about and directly growing food sustainably."

Nick joined Carol and a handful of other fantastic and commited volunteers on the first Land Army of the 2018 season. Even the 'beast from the east' didn't hold them back! Nick explains how he grew interested in the Land Army concept.

"I personally got interested in growing food a few years ago when I just wanted to find out what I could grow and eat from a garden space - I haven't looked back since, I find growing veg and being able to share the produce genuinely life enhancing and would recommend it to anyone. 

Other than the actual growing, the great thing with the Land Army was getting to meet all the lovely people there, a brilliant vegan lunch, regular supply of tea and biscuits and a great workout! 

I think volunteering with the Land Army would be suitable for anyone from absolute beginner to seasoned allotmenteer, I've already booked in to come back and hope to do so as much as I can over the coming year. "

Carol also gave her time for the first Land Army trip of the year and hopefully we will see her at many more. She describes her motivation:

"For me, I pretty much grew up outdoors and in the fresh air in the countryside. With a farmer / tree surgeon for a Dad, I spent my childhood getting my hands dirty growing vegetables, cutting down trees, lifting logs, pushing a wheelbarrow round and doing anything else that needed doing! My family are down South and since moving up North I spent a few years doing other things and realised I miss it all and it’s also not quite the same in my garden on my own!

I’ve gone absolute full circle to needing the outdoors and the manual work in my life again and volunteering with the Land Army is just perfect. Not only can I feel fulfilled I love that I can spend the day working with and meeting lovely and interesting people.

Thanks so much for the opportunity. Nick and Helen are just great, plus the soup is very tasty too! I felt completely relaxed and looked after and I can’t wait to do as many weekends this year with the Land Army and to see the season through from start to finish!"

More details and to sign up to a volunteering day click here.