Farmstarter Profile: Dan

Dan Farmstarer Profile

Dan works in live music and events and joined Kindling through the Land Army, regularly volunteering at both of our incubator farms at Woodbank Park and Abbey Leys in Cheshire. Not coming from an agricultural background, the experience gave Dan insight into local production and sowed the seeds of his interest in organic horticulture, leading him to sign up to Kindling’s Commercial Growers Course. As Dan’s interest and passion for organic horticulture has grown, so has his aspirations to become a commercial grower himself.


Dan has now joined our Farmstart programme for 2018, which he hopes will provide a platform for him to learn new skills about organic growing and gain experience he would be able to apply to a future career in growing. Dan said ‘the more I read about the destructive methods of conventional farming the more I feel there needs to be an change to organic stock free methods’. Dan has come full circle through all of our projects, which he feels has made him feel part of a movement that is doing for organic farming what Tesla and Solar City are doing for energy: ‘making it available, affordable and changing people’s attitudes towards it’.


Look out for further updates from Dan throughout the year. For more information about the farmstart programme explore here.