10 ways to celebrate local food and support local farmers & food systems this Organic September

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Making a conscious, concerted effort to support local food systems is a noble decision, especially given the current uncertainty of the wider economic climate. However, with this month being ‘Organic September’ and all, we wanted to share with you 10 simple things to get you on your way to supporting your local food producers and distributors; even if you can only manage one of these acts for the time being, you’ll be playing your part in striving towards a fairer food network.



1. Thank a local farmer

Kindness doesn’t cost a thing, so you could always drop a friendly line by email to your local organic farmer and thank them for their hard work! It would make their day, we’re sure! What’s more, if you know that they attend a regular public market, you could go and thank them in person!


2. Tell a friend (or 7!) about Veg Box People

After signing up yourself by visiting vegboxpeople.org.uk, go and tell a friend or family member what Veg Box People are all about! In fact, why not tell another friend, and maybe another after that? Oh, and while you’re at it, make sure your friend tells their friends… you see where we’re going with this, don’t you?


3. Make a pledge with the Soil Association

You can let the world know your intention to eat organically by making this pledge through the Soil Association website. Once done, be sure to share the news with your friends and family, and if you opt to share it on social media, go ahead and tag us!


4. Get your hands dirty at a local organic farm

Just like us, organic growing spots in the area will surely welcome your volunteering efforts. If you want to go above and beyond saying thanks, you could offer up some of your free time to help your local organic farmer with some of their workload. Woodbank Community Food Hub in Stockport, who provide much of Veg Box People’s produce, regularly hold volunteering days for such activities. You can find them on this calendar.


5. Take part in Veg Box People’s social media storm

If you are getting your lovely fresh veg from Veg Box People this month, take part in our ‘social media storm’ by posting pictures of your delicious culinary creations on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter alongside #VegBoxPeople. Make sure to tag us too, and we’ll share your gorgeous piccies with our followers!


6. Volunteer your time or money with us

Whether it’s leafleting your local area to share news of our recently added collection points sprouting up around Greater Manchester, or showcasing our brand new extra large veg bags by sharing a demo bag with passers-by, we’ll never say no to a helping hand! If you’re short of time but have a bit of pocket change to spare, why not enter our raffle whilst ordering your bag? For just £1 on top of your veg bag purchase, the lucky winner of this not-for-profit raffle will receive half the total money collected, and the other half will be split between our food poverty partners.


If you would be up for doing some volunteering on the ground with Veg Box People (e.g. leafleting with us), please drop a line to hello@vegboxpeople.org.uk.


7. Sign up to an organic cooking workshop

Woodbank Community Food Hub often holds cooking and preservation workshops for organic produce, helping participants to get the most out of their veg bags. If you or someone you know are available in the daytime on Fridays and would be interested in taking part, please contact Woodbank’s Community Programme Coordinator at Community@kindling.org.uk.


8. Add just one organic item to your shopping list

Often it’s nice to start by making small changes to our habits, including our consumer habits, so it may suit you to begin by adding one organic item to your weekly shopping list. Organic milk is now widely available, as are eggs; add some organic magic to your teas and your omelettes! If not now for Organic September, then when!?


9. Make sure none of your veg goes to waste - pickle it!

To get started on your pickling journey, why not attend one of our Fermentation Workshops at Bridge 5 Mill in Ancoats on Tuesday 27th September? Identical sessions are running from 5.30pm-6.30pm & 7pm-8pm, and what’s more, Veg Box People customers can arrange to pick up their veg on that day from the mill itself! At £5 per head to cover the cost of some extra ingredients and the jars needed, this is a bargain of an event!


10. Be original - come up with your own way of celebrating organic produce and let us know!

If none of the above takes your fancy, we’re sure you can come up with an even better way of marking Organic September. Come up with your own idea and make us aware online

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