Finally, a move towards ecology-driven farming subsidies?!

Mon, 01/15/2018
An existential crisis for many of us at the Oxford Real Farming Conference as we find Michael Gove agreeing with us...

Happy new year to you all (if it’s not to late to say that?!). We were lucky enough to start 2018 with our annual hit of inspiration, thought-provoking discussion and practical farming top tips, from old friends and new at the Oxford Real Farming Conference (ORFC). 

Tales of Resistance

Fri, 12/01/2017
A window into the work of the Land Workers Alliance

Kindling member Emily joined other regional members of the Land Workers Alliance (LWA) earlier this month for a crash course on the global Food Sovereignty movement and UK Agricultural Policy, as well as loads of great ideas on how we can all actively campaign for the interests of small hold farmers. Here's what she learned...

Bristol Veg People?

Tue, 11/28/2017
Bristol Food Producers
Could Bristol be next in line for a co-operative collaboration between growers and retailers?

Last month, Bristol Food Producers paid us a visit as part of their quest for models to increase the amount of local veg being consumed in the city. Coordinator Steph Wetherell explains why that brought them to us...

A visionary future built on today’s hard work

Fri, 11/03/2017
Food Vision Launch
Launch of a Sustainable Food Vision for Greater Manchester

Despite a night of atrocious weather, forty representatives of Greater Manchester food organisations made it to Bridge 5 Mill at the end of October for an evening of wine, catching up and a gorgeous photo farmer exhibition to launch the Sustainable Food Vision for Greater Manchester.

FarmStart Lancaster?

Fri, 11/03/2017
Claver Hill Lancaster
Could a new farmer incubation scheme be on the cards for our northern neighbour? After their visit, it sounds like it!

Last month, six sustainable food advocates and practitioners from Lancaster spent a day with us at Woodbank, scoping out the potential to create Lancaster’s own FarmStart programme. Together they’re already doing a lot to tackle food challenges in the city, and it sounds like a FarmStart scheme could be next.

Pastures new

Fri, 10/20/2017
Haye Farm, Devon
Maybe-grower Lyndsey tries out farm life with former Kindling members Alex & Bailey

Former members of the Kindling team, Alex and Bailey were instrumental in co-ordinating the FarmStart programme and developing and running Veg Box People. In March they left for pastures new (literally), to a five acre organic farm in Devon. 

Current Kindling member Lyndsey, who is participating in our Commercial Growers Course, visited them there at Haye Farm during October to lend a hand on the land, have a good catch up, and learn about their growing journey so far...

A year of FarmStarting

Wed, 10/18/2017
Belinda digging at Woodbank
Trainee grower Belinda on her first year at Woodbank, with a big 'thanks' to Land Army volunteers!

Where has the time gone? Incredibly fast, and it feels like I have only just touched the surface on learning about Stockfree Organic Growing. My 1st year is nearly coming to an end and it has been amazing and hard work. Learning to be observant, keeping detailed records, being creative on how you see things. Not to get stuck into one way of doing and also to communicate and work within the team.

Thursday 19th October: Two launches in one night!

Fri, 09/22/2017
Launch flier
Join us for a true celebration of sustainable food, as we launch a photo exhibition and the Gtr Mcr Food Vision

On Thursday 19th October we're launching not one but two celebrations of sustainable food, at an informal get-together at Bridge 5 Mill;  

  • Unlikely Heroes photographic exhibition, featuring some familiar faces!
  • Greater Manchester Sustainable Food Vision, developed collectively by our region's sustainable food movement

Join us! Thursday 19th October, 7pm, Bridge 5 Mill. All welcome. 

Do you want to be a grower?!

Fri, 09/08/2017
Farmstart Woodbank
Explore this one-of-a-kind opportunity to spend a year in commercial veg growing, alongside your job

Agriculture is key to a healthy planet and no system of farming does more to protect soil, water and biodiversity than organic. Being an organic grower is an incredibly fulfilling job, nourishing people and planet.  But it's also fraught with risk, underpaid, and incredibly hard work! Is it for you?? 

If you're keen on a career in growing but not not ready to launch yourself into it full-time, spend a year honing your veg growing skills and learn about the business aspects of horticulture with our year-long FarmStart programme at Woodbank Nursery.  


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