Greater Manchester Land Army

Land Army Volunteers at Moss Brook Growers

The Greater Manchester Land Army was established in 2011, in partnership with local farmers like Moss Brook Growers and Glebelands City Growers, to help local organic growers be more resilient to some of the challenges they face, such as labour costs during busy periods, machinery breaking down, or extended periods of bad weather.

Inspired by the Women's Land Armies of the First and Second World Wars, the Land Army aims to help increase the production of sustainable food for Greater Manchester, while providing volunteers with the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills around organic production, and to play a hands on role in Manchester's dedicated sustainable food movement. In 2016 Land Army volunteers will be supporting the fledgling organic growers enrolled on Kindling's FarmStart programme, on their journey towards establishing viable and productive farms.

Since the project launched, more than 500 volunteers have weeded, dug and planted their way to over 3000 volunteer hours, providing a helping hand with a huge range of tasks and projects, including the grafting of 500 apple tree saplings and the planting of over 5000 garlic bulbs at Moss Brook Growers. 

The Land Army also offers exciting Team Challenge Opportunities for businesses and organisations looking for a team activity day with a difference. Please see our dedicated page for details. 

We are always looking for capable and motivated people to volunteer with Greater Manchester’s Land Army. We offer guidance & training; tools & clothing, food & refreshments as well as transport from Central Manchester to the farms. It’s a great way to meet people, get some fresh air and exercise and learn more about how our food is produced locally.

For upcoming dates check out our Land Army Volunteering page or email: 

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