Kindling Farm's second share offer

Following a hugely successful campaign in 2021, attracting over £1 million of investment, with the support of 625 investors we are launching a second community shares campaign.

Share offer summary:

The minimum investment you can make: £200

Interest you can request on your investment:   0%, 1%, 2% or 3% - you decide

First expected interest payment date: 31st March 2027.

Community shares can not be withdrawn before 1st April 2028.

For more information please visit:


What are Community Shares?

Community shares are an easy and direct way of supporting a community business. They is a way of using your money to help make something happen that is important to you. For Kindling Farm it is both an ethical way of raising finance and, importantly, a way of involving lots of people in creating a more sustainable food system.

Kindling Farm is currently made up of 625 members - but we hope that will grow through this community share campaign. Our community is both geographical (people living locally to Kindling Farm) and our community of interest – people and groups all over the country (and world), who believe a fairer and more sustainable food system is needed and possible. Share ownership in Kindling Farm is open to all from our communities who support our objectives and share our vision and values.

We see this second share offer for Kindling Farm as an opportunity to widen our community and engage a much more diverse range of people in changing the food system. By purchasing a farm, producing food on a much larger scale and offering a wider range of facilities and activities, Kindling Farm will increase and widen our ‘community of benefit’ significantly.

When you purchase community shares you become a member and part-owner of Kindling Farm. As a member you have one vote, regardless of how much you invest. So no matter how large or small a shareholding is, that shareholder has an equal voice to other community shareholders.

Because we want this share offer to be as inclusive as possible we want to encourage all forms of membership. This includes buying shares as a gift, or for a child or young person, or pooling resources as a group - be that a family, a group of friends or a group you are part of.

Incorporated organisations can also invest, however organisations and informal groups must name an individual on the share application form, who will attend meetings and vote on their behalf.

Benefits of being a Community Shareholder

Benefits of being a Community Shareholder are wide ranging, from members-only events to knowing your investment is having an important ecological and social impact. All members will benefit from:

  • Members-only offers (including discounts on courses and events)
  • Member news
  • Members-only events and a warm welcome to visit the farm at other times
  • A say at our Annual General Meeting and eligibility to stand as a Director
  • Involvement in shaping the future of this pioneering initiative

*  This is the maximum for individuals, institutional investors may invest more. The maximum will be 10% of the total shares issued, and additional monies will be returned at the point of issue.

**The purchase of shares is at full risk, and if the business fails it is possible that you will never recover the full value of your shareholding or even lose it completely.

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