Let’s Veg Out Together!

The University of Manchester will be welcoming 8,000 new students this September with a unique free gift of a night in, to veg out with new found friends. In partnership with Veg Box People each student flat will be challenged with cooking up and sharing a delicious meal together as a team, whilst savouring the best local organic veg the region has to offer.

In the second week of term the vast majority of first year students, who are in self-catered halls, will be the recipients of a box of local organic veg, with recipe suggestions and online advice and encouragement. The box of spuds, tomatoes, courgettes, garlic and even UK grown dry pulses - to name just a few, are all that’s needed to make a hearty meal of veg curry, sag aloo, dahl and a salad so fresh it was harvested that morning!

“We are hoping our new Mancunians will take advantage of this opportunity to chop, cook, eat (and of course) clear up together, to get to know their new flat mates better. And we are asking them to share their culinary master pieces or cooking disasters online using the hashtag #VegOutTogether. 

To add a bit of an edge to the competition one lucky flat from each hall will win a weekly veg bag, so perhaps a healthy night veging in together will become a regular thing…..”
Amy Shadbolt, Veg Box People.

“We all know we need to eat more greens, and a majority of us here in Manchester aren’t. So not only is this a great way to promote healthy eating, but a fantastic way to nurture the well-being of our new students by helping to foster new supportive friendships.

Coming to University, leaving home for the first time and with so much to do in Welcome Week can be a hugely stressful time and we just wanted to offer an evening when flat mates can #VegOutTogether.”

Steph Fisher, Res life, University of Manchester.

If you'd like a local veg bag, find a collection point near you.

Follow #VegOutTogether on Instagram and join in!

Veg Boxes will be delivered to flats between Monday 24- Friday 28 September

Deadline for submissions via Instagram is 3rd October

We will be announcing the winners of the #VegOutTogether Competition on Monday 8 October