Funders and Supporters

We are supported by organisations and funders who have aided different aspects of our development or funded the delivery of a specific project.

Present Funders

Awards for All

Awards for All is a National Lottery grant scheme and has provided Kindling with a number of grants (of just under £10,000) for a number of community-engagement projects over several years. The support from Awards for All was crucial in enabling us to pilot our social prescribing programme with carers groups at our Woodbank Community Food Hub.

"Awards for All is a fantastic fund to help out with those modest projects with the community at their heart. This small fund has made a big impact on our community engagement work" Corrina.

Esmee Fairbairn Foundation

The Esmee Fairbairn Foundation is one of the leading independent grant-making foundations in the UK. The Foundation has supported Kindling over many years to strengthen projects like the Land Army and establish enterprises like Manchester Veg people. They were one of the first funders to recognise the potential of the planned Kindling Farm, funding feasibility studies and research into the idea.

"We are indebted to Esmee Fairbairn Foundation for seeing the potential in our vision right at the beginning of our establishment and we continue to benefit from their support of the broader sustainable food movement" Helen Woodcock.

Green Recovery Challenge Fund

The Green Recovery Challenge Fund is funded by Defra and is being delivered by The National Lottery Heritage Fund in partnership with Natural England and the Environment Agency.

“We are so excited by this opportunity given to us by the Green Recovery Fund. Not only is it the start of a hugely important fight back for diversity in agriculture, but it is our first tangible step to establish a nationally important example of Agroforestry using heritage fruit varieties on the planned Kindling Farm”   Helen Woodcock.

Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust

JRCT is supporting Kindling through its Sustainable Futures programme of grants. Their overall focus is on developing and promoting sustainable, low-carbon alternatives to the current consumerist and growth-based paradigm and are supporting us with a four year grant to help cover our core costs.

"We could not have asked for a more understanding and supportive funder during the covid-19 pandemic. Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust have both extended the period of our funding and offered additional support, acknowledging the huge strain our sector is under" Chris.

People's Postcode Trust

Postcode Local Trust is a grant-giving charity funded entirely by players of People's Postcode Lottery. In the past they have supported our community activities and community garden at Woodbank Community Food Hub. More recently they are helping us to engage a wide range of citizens in Greater Manchester to establish a community-owned, pioneering agroforestry farm and centre for social change.

"During lockdown we saw a huge increase in interest in local food and a hunger for what we do, but we are a still a small team. The Postcode Local Trust have enabled us to employ a part-time community engager who will be able to reach out to different communities, giving them a voice in how Kindling Farm will be run and improving their access to local, organic fruit and veg."  Helen.


The A Team Foundation

The A Team Foundation initially supported Kindling with a grant to establish our FarmStart programme, helping to fund a co-ordinator and farm machinery. Ever since they have been hugely encouraging and supportive of our work to create sustainable food supply chains. Their most recent grant, in the spring of 2020, is to help organisations deal with the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown and make sustainable food more accessible to more people.

"This strategically important funder punches well above its weight by working with others to encourage collaboration between organisations and funders. Their support and guidance and advocacy is really appreciated by us and our partners" Helen Woodcock.

The National Lottery Community Fund

The National Lottery Community Fund supports organisations with great ideas that enable communities to thrive. The Kindling Trust have received support over a 5 year period to develop and run all of our projects at Woodbank Community Food Hub in Stockport. This support has enabled us to employ a number of people at the Hub including a Farmstart Coordinator and a Community Cook.

"The support from the Community Fund has been transformative. With their help we are creating a flagship community food hub for Stockport and from the outset they saw the potential in our team and community" Matt.

Unicorn Grocery’s Grower's Fund

Unicorn Grocery supports our work to bring about a more sustainable food system, supporting our Land Army and FarmStart projects. They have a dedicated fund to support new and fledgling growers which paid for a veg preparation and storage unit and will mean that we can generate more income from the veg we grow.

"Unicorn Grocery understands the challenges of starting out in organic farming and the effort required to sustain a food growing business and their Grower's Fund is unique in the region. We are very grateful for their ongoing support" Helen Dodd.

Winston Churchill Memorial Trust

Kindling’s Helen Woodcock is a Winston Churchill Fellow and is one of 21 projects run by Fellows that are being supported by the Trust’s Covid-19 Action Fund to combat the pandemic’s effects in healthcare and food supply.

"It has been a real privilege to be a Winston Churchill Fellow, having been supported to visit projects I'd never have dream I'd have the time or resources to learn from. But not only that they have continued to support my work during the pandemic to continue to put into practice the lessons I learnt from my study visits" Helen Woodcock.

Past Funders

Heritage Lottery Fund

The Heritage Lottery Fund uses money raised through the National Lottery to 'sustain and transform our heritage'. It supports museums, parks and historic places as well as the  natural environment and cultural traditions. The Kindling Trust secured two Heritage Lottery grants totalling just over £50,000 to support its food heritage project: Forgotten Fields.

"To have been given the opportunity to research and document the history of how Manchester was been fed over the centuries was not only fascinating, it has real lessons for today's food and farming sector" Fiona Dunk.

The Co-operative Community Fund

The Co-operative Community Fund supports projects that their members care about. It has supported our work to get Land Army volunteers onto local farms by contributing to our insurance costs.

"As passionate believers in co-operation and with a shared belief in sustainable and ethical food its always fantastic to get support from the Co-operative sector" Debbie Clarke.

The Naturesave Trust

The primary function of the Naturesave Trust is to encourage the greater adoption of sustainable development, especially within the Small and Medium Sized business community (SMEs) and they have kindly supported our work at FarmStart to help us buy a tractor.

"Owning our own tractor brought about really benefits for FarmStart.  Naturesave's support really helped us gear up our food production and greatly improve our training programme" Chris.

The Prince’s Countryside Fund

The Prince’s Countryside Fund is a charity which strives to secure a sustainable future for the British countryside and wider rural economy.

It awarded us a grant of £50,000 to support the establishment of our FarmStart project, the UK's first and at the time only organic incubator farm.

"Without the support of the Prince’s Countryside Fund nearly ten years ago, we won't have established the UK's first farmstart. A first that inspired and informed many more across the UK since". Helen Woodcock

The Scurrah Wainwright Charity

The Scurrah Wainwright Charity was one of the first funders to support our work with a £5,000 development grant. Without their support, over a decade ago, we might not be where we are today.

"Without the visionary support of the Scurrah Wainwright Charity we may never have started out on this journey and so we are truly grateful for the trust they placed in us, all those years ago" Helen Woodcock.

The Tudor Trust

The Tudor Trust is an independent grant-making trust which supports voluntary and community groups working in any part of the UK. The Tudor Trust has supported Kindling to grow and strengthen our organisation and become more strategic in our approach, helping us to launch a Sustainable Food Vision for Greater Manchester.

"We really cherish our relationship with the Tudor Trust, their insight and honest feedback has on more than one occasion influenced the direction of our work" Helen Woodcock.

Vegan Organic Network

The Manchester based Vegan Organic Network over many years has supported our work in a number of ways. They have supported individuals to attend our courses, helped with growing at our FarmStart site and have now committed to help support the Kindling Farm.

"The Vegan Organic Network is unique in its mission to make vegan foods more sustainable and we are very excited to be working with them to establish the Kindling Farm" Helen Woodcock.