Kindling Farm

Kindling Farm

We have exciting plans to buy a local farm and develop it into a farming blue print for the future.

Kindling Farm is our response to an unsustainable and unjust food system, by creating a food economy that places fairness, sustainability and health at its heart. One that values the growers and producers of our food, respects and nurtures the land and puts the health and well-being of our communities centre stage.

The Farm will be a place where, together, we can support a new generation of farmers, increase access to organic veg for all, pioneer the most ecological farming methods and support others to create social change in their own communities.

Please visit: to find out more about our community share offer.

I am excited and inspired by the work of the Kindling Trust. They are innovators and connectors, establishing practical projects that demonstrate how the food system could be if we cared about supporting decent and resilient jobs in food production, a thriving environment and fair access to good food.

Kath Dalmeny, Sustain

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