Forgotten Fields Secures Support

Thu, 03/25/2010
Forgotten Fields session at a local allotment.

Kindling has secured Heritage Lottery support of around £40,000 to support its food heritage project: Forgotten Fields.

The project focuses on the heritage of food production and availability in Manchester from 1750’s to present day. It concentrates on six communities from across Greater Manchester that have expressed a need to explore a particular food heritage.

Over two years, six inter-generational food heritage calendars will be created, in which, often passionate people with first-hand experience can offer knowledge, potential archive material or share oral history testimonies about local food production - for example: Ashton Moss celery, Timperley Early Rhubarb, or Highfield Park pigs in Levenshulme.

Contributions will be drawn together for a website which aims to build a detailed and more inclusive picture of our unique food heritage.

Forgotten Fields aims is to:

  • Kindle enthusiasm for an area's particular food heritage by co-ordinating and facilitating a fun and accessible collaborative framework for learning.
  • Help the wider community understand the significance of their particular local food heritage and its relationship to today's choices about healthy living and evaluation of issues of sustainability.
  • Make the food heritage information gathered available to the public.
  • Inspire confidence in active participation, by promoting best practice - through the facilitation of inter-generational skill sharing or by provision of training.
  • Recognise the relevance of potential archive material and signpost to professional public archivists wherever appropriate.

The project will build on three previous food heritage calendar projects in Cheetham, Norris Bank and Whalley Range co-ordinated by Fiona Dunk.

The project aims to start in Timperley on 12th April 2010 with several residents along Heyes Lane who still remember the commercial market gardens that first grew 'Timperley Early' Rhubarb for the markets of Manchester and beyond.
This year we also hope to explore the history of growing areas in Stretford, known as 'the garden of Lancashire', and the former commercial nurseries on Ashton Moss.

We will be involving local history and civic societies in the collection of information and would welcome input from interested individuals or organisations.

We would particularly appreciate offers of help in collecting the oral testimonies of residents and can offer training and expenses.

Click here to see a previous calendar made by the pupils of St Margaret's school in Whalley Range, South Manchester.

For more information contact Fiona Dunk on 07848 026 257 or email her at


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