Food Heritage School Project: Autumn 2008

Mon, 09/01/2008 to Wed, 11/26/2008
Pupils of St. Margaret's Primary School exploring old maps of Whalley Range.

The Kindling Trust is working with staff and pupils of St. Margaret's Primary School and local residents to explore the heritage and history of food growing, cooking and selling in Whalley Range.

The children at St. Margaret's School have been interviewing older people with a particular interest or viewpoint of Whalley Range's food history, in preparation for creating a 2009 calendar.

Topics for discussion included the turning of 'The Moss' (bog) into fields and roads; Villa kitchen gardens; Digging for Victory during World War Two; the history of allotments, bee-keeping and orchards in the area as well as the cultural influences of Caribbean, Pakistani, Sikh, Polish, Somali and Arabic communities.

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