Our Own Farm Plans!

Tractor work

We have a vision for a new kind of farm: a community of people and enterprises that takes the best of new and traditional approaches to confront the food and farming challenges of today.

Over a decade of working with agro-ecological growers, training in organic horticulture, establishing co-operative food enterprises and supporting Greater Manchester’s food movement has prepared Kindling for the next stage of our journey – our very own ‘farm and more’!

Kindling is now actively looking for land to establish a pioneering rural base within 50 miles of the city and we want to get more of you involved in making this happen. 

In Spring 2020 we will launch a Community Shares campaign to raise enough money for a deposit to help us to secure the land.

Save the launch Date: Saturday 4th April

As soon as we find our Farm, we will run a larger scale share offer which, matched with a longer term loan, will enable us to buy the farm and start work to turn the land into an exemplar organic agroforestry farm. Explore our vision for a farm!

“I am excited and inspired by the work of the Kindling Trust. They are innovators and connectors, establishing practical projects that demonstrate how the food system could be if we cared about supporting decent and resilient jobs in food production, a thriving environment and fair access to good food. The Kindling Trust creates values-driven models of food production and distribution that are truly replicable and should be picked up and implemented by communities and institutions across the country.” Kath Dalmeny, Co-ordinator, Sustain - the Alliance for Food & Farming

The Time is Ripe for Kindling to establish a farm for Greater Manchester and beyond! Want to help?!

The Kindling Trust is a not for profit social enterprise with charitable aims (Company number: 6136029).
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