Wildlife Friendly Farming in the UK

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Join us as we explore various methods of wildlife friendly farming in the Northwest, and the importance of this in fighting climate change.

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The agricultural sector is the fourth highest global contributor to greenhouse gases, yet it is one of the most vulnerable sectors to the impacts of climate change. In recent years there has been a push for more traditional, less industrial, and more wildlife-friendly farming methods, such as minimum tillage, agroecology, and organic and vegan practices.

Join us for our penultimate talk in the Kindling Farm Webinar Series, ‘Wildlife Friendly Farming’, where we will be hearing from people leading pioneering projects around the country, including a more detailed look into how Kindling Farm will put biodiversity and ecology at its heart.

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Don't forget to register for our final talk in the Kindling Farm Webinar Series (this can be found on the events page, and our Facebook and Eventbrite pages):

14th July 7-8:30pm: The Importance of Co-operatives in the Food Sovereignty Movement

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