Talk: Women in Farming

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Join us to discuss the role of women in a traditional male-dominated world, as we hear from three generations of female farmers.

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A woman’s place on the farm has, traditionally, been seen as in the farmhouse, cooking and cleaning. Today it is still a world heavily dominated by males. In recent years, however, there has been a steady increase in the number of women entering this world. Whether through education (women made up 64% of the 2017-18 cohort on agriculture and related higher education courses), on the farms (it is now estimated that 17% of farmers are female, up by 7% from 2007), or carrying out the research and leading on innovations that will change the way we farm in Britain (60% of PhD students in the agricultural profession are female), women are levelling the agricultural playing field.

Join us for our second talk in the Kindling Farm Webinar Series, ‘Women in Farming’, where we’ll be exploring the reasons behind this rise, the benefits of a more gender-equal farming industry, and meeting some amazing female farmers across three generations.

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