The Kindling Agroforestry Farm: a more sustainable way of growing

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Join us for a talk in collaboration with Ethical Consumer Week. The theme of the week is 'Closing The Climate Gap'. We are going to examine how agroforestry offers solutions to the climate crisis.

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The global food system accounts for around a quarter of total greenhouse gas emissions. The Kindling Trust, after a successful community shares campaign, is looking to buy land to set up an agroforestry farm. At its most basic, agroforestry is the incorporation of trees into field scale arable farming. We believe agroforestry offers some viable solutions to the current problems of mainstream farming. We beleive it offer some necessary soultions to the climate crisis.   

Over the last six months The Kindling Trust, with the help of volunteers and communities, have been grafting heritage fruit trees that will be planted in large rows on the agroforestry farm. In this talk we want to explain the process of getting ready to set up an agroforestry farm. We also want to contextualise what we think sustainable farming means against the climate crisis, what role carbon plays in sustainability, and why agroforestry offers more solutions for the climate crisis than just planting trees.

This event is in collaboration with Ethical Consumer as part of Ethical Consumer Week.

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