Grafting trees for the agroforestry project at Woodbank

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Come help us reach our huge target of grafting another 4000 fruit trees and learn a great skill in the process!

Training level: Beginner
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For the next phase of our Agroforestry Farm project we're grafting again! We grafted an incredible 6000 trees last year, and we want to get another 4000 done this year. These trees will be planted in our nursery, ready to be transplanted onto the new farm site over the next few years. This is a huge challenge but one we are excited to pull off. 

What will the session look like?

You'll be grafting scions (young cuttings) to rootstock at our purpose-built grafting stations. We've put up gazebos to help protect us from the weather and all the stations have been designed to enable social distancing. You'll receive guidance and training from our Agroforestry team, with plenty of opportunities to talk through the process. We'll also be providing safety equipment.

We encourage people to volunteer in more than one session, or even regularly if they can, but this isn't a requirement!

How physically demanding is grafting?

Grafting is fairly low impact and involves no heavy lifting. Grafting with knives involves carefully making safe cuts, which can be fiddly, but there will be plenty of opportunity to learn. If you have any access needs please let us know in advance and we will endeavour to meet them where possible. Just email us at uk. We have a lower table if you need to be seated, and have a range of tools for grafting.


Woodbank Community Food Hub
Woodbank Memorial Park
Park Lane


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